Staying Ageless

Eating to Balance Your Chakras

Episode Summary

Hey lady hey, in this episode of the Staying Ageless podcast I am joined by Author of Chakra CookBook and modern medicine woman Annika Panotzki. Together we are discussing what foods to eat to balance your chakras and why this is important for your body and emotions. -Xo Raw Girl

Episode Notes

Chile, this week expect to learn everything you need to know on the chakra system, how your physical, mental and emotional health is affected by your chakras, why eating natural boosts your energy and why unblocking your chakras will help you have a better relationship with yourself and your loved ones.

In this show, I will discuss the origin of chakras and their importance on the body. Later, I will speak to Annika Panotzki, a passionate author and chakra expert, where she will share wisdom from her 17+ year journey, how listening to her body gave her balance in life, and how immersing in nature transformed her harsh inner critic into self-love.  -Xo Raw Girl

Slice up your favorite fruit and settle in boo, prepare to learn about:

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